B4T Expo Speakers

Due to the realities of international business, our speaker list is subject to change.


B4T Visionary

Patrick Lai is a slave of Jesus Christ. Patrick has a degree in Business-Marketing from the University of Oregon, a Masters of Divinity degree from Trinity Divinity School near Chicago and a Doctorate of Intercultural Studies from the Asia Graduate School of Theology. Patrick is the author of Tentmaking – The Life and Work of Business as Missions, Business for Transformation – Getting Started, as well as numerous articles on business as mission.

Patrick has served in Asia for 34 years; 4 years among the Chinese in Hong Kong as a regular missionary and then 6 years as missionary working among Muslims in SE Asia. For 20 years he started businesses and pioneered doing business for transformation (B4T) among Muslims. Recently he’s been providing leadership for the OPEN Network. The Lord has enabled his team to plant 2 churches and 2 fellowships among Muslims, while starting 14 small businesses in 4 Muslim countries. Yet Patrick is quick to point out that only 7 have been successful.

Patrick founded a network of B4Ters, BAMers and tentmakers and NexusB4T. NexusB4T began in 2012 and facilitates North American young people and business people to use their experiences, education and talents to serve, coach, and work alongside those doing B4T abroad.

Patrick is married to May for 38 years. They have a son and daughter-in-law serving the Lord in Denver as a banker and lawyer, and another son running an app development business in Asia.Currently Patrick and May mentor and coach B4Ters working where there are no churches, and teach around the world on a new paradigm for doing mission in a changing world.


B4T Expert

Bill Job is one of the most engaging speakers for the B4T movement and his love of God is evident and comes across in all he does. Bill started Meixia Handicrafts in Xiamen, China in 1988. It was one of the first wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Fujian Province and was a totally new experience for Bill, who previous to this had been a pastor in America.

Things started out rocky, as Bill had no idea what he was doing and early into the experience his business partner and sole customer stole 90% of his work force, moved 100% of the orders, and set up a factory a few blocks down the street. Throughout these years of ups and downs, God began to teach Bill some lessons about business and life which revolutionized his approach to both.

Since 1988, Bill and his best friend (God) have been able to set up several businesses in cross-cultural contexts, make healthy profits, and invest several million dollars into local communities through salaries, care for orphans, beggars and those with medical needs.

Bill loves to pass on his experience of how God taught him to steward his business by running it with God instead of for God. He speaks and consults at venues all over the world, helping other business people to do the same.


B4T Practitioner

Melissa is a wife and mother of 7 kids. She has lived in Africa for 10 years and founded a ministry that works to rescue and rehabilitate victims of sexual exploitation. Together with her husband, she has opened a boutique which is a retail shop and an American styled coffee shop that provides employment as well as opportunities for relationships with employees.

She is passionate about B4T work and has witnessed first-hand how it transforms the lives of those in communities around the world.

At the Expo, we will hear her talk about her extensive experiences and how she uses her knowledge of non-profit and for profit work to encourage women in the B4T movement.


B4T Professional

My vision is to help create impactful companies in challenging places through committed leaders. This has led me to start two resort properties in SE Asia. These boutique resorts are not only focused on providing unforgettable experiences for our guests, but also are committed to bring positive impact to our employees and our surrounding communities. For the resort company, my focus now is in developing strategic partnerships, leadership and business development, and championing the vision.

The best part is I’m just getting started. I’m a builder, not a maintainer. I see potential in people and opportunities. I love to bring ideas into fruition. I am always looking out for great people who can join us in making an impact through our companies or to venture out to begin their own B4T journey.

I invest a lot in my own personal development so that I can invest in others. I love providing strategic consulting, executive coaching, and team facilitation to select clients. My method can be summed up by three words, “Simplify, Clarify, Connect”. Through this framework, I help leaders and teams find their purpose, fashion their strategy, and focus their execution. It’s simple to say, but hard to do.


B4T Professional

Andy grew up overseas in Southeast Asia and after graduating with a degree in Business
Management from Florida State University, he has spent 8 years of his adult life living and
working first in the Middle East and in South Asia.

The past few years have been a journey in learning to let God lead in his life and now his company.

After having worked in several B4Ts under some great mentors, he moved to South Asia and was given ownership of an established tech company in 2015 and has since been diving into ‘on the job’ training with God as his coach.

Stu Minshew

Advocate for Entreprenuers

Stu Minshew is the Vice President of Operations for The Chalmers Center, an organization that equips churches to walk alongside people who are poor, breaking the spiritual, social, and material bonds of poverty.

He is a facilitator for CO.STARTERS, where he equips aspiring entrepreneurs to turn their passions into a sustainable and thriving endeavor. A serial entrepreneur, Stu has started three businesses, two in East Africa and one in the United States. You can connect with him online at UnleashedStartup.com, where he mentors, trains, and consults with entrepreneurs and startups across the globe.