B4T EXPO Program

General Sessions at the Expo are a time to learn, network, be inspired, and to listen to how God is leading.

Our General Sessions will engage you with:

  • multiple TED Talk style segments
  • panel discussions and audience participation
  • stories from B4T Professionals

Thursday, April 25

General Session 1

  • What is the OPEN Network?
  • Creating OPEN-ness
  • Where is Your Treasure?

Friday, April 26

General Session 2

  • Becoming a B4T Tentmaker
  • Coaching in B4T

General Session 3

  • Women in B4T

General Session 4

  • B4T Core Values: Excellence, Transparency, Accountability, Relationships, Church-Centered

General Session 5

  • Investing in B4T Businesses

Saturday, April 27

General Session 6

  • B4T Stories

General Session 7

  • The Priestly Calling of Work



At the 2019 B4T Expo, we will have a variety of workshops presented by active B4T Professionals, B4T Investors and Coaches, and Church Leaders, and more. Here is a sampling of what to expect at Expo Workshops:

  • Getting Started in B4T
  • Stories from the Field
  • Investing in B4T Businesses
  • How to Become a B4T Coach
  • The Basics of B4T
  • Tentmaking
  • Relying on God’s Wisdom
  • Next Steps for Future Workers
  • Next Steps for Church Leaders
  • Next Steps for Business Professionals
  • Spiritual Direction and B4T
  • The Value of Family Life in a B4T Context
  • Becoming an Apprentice
  • Business Start-Up: How to Begin

APRIL 24 (Special Pre-Conference Training)
8:00AM – Creating Culture in B4T

8:00AM – Church Leaders Pre-Conference Session
2:00PM – Registration Begins
3:30PM – Introduction for Future Workers
4:30PM – What is OPEN?
5:30PM – Dinner
7:00PM – General Session

8:30AM – General Session
9:45AM – Workshops
10:45AM – Networking Break
11:15AM – General Session
12:45PM – Lunch and Networking
2:00PM – Workshops
3:00PM – Networking Break
3:30PM – General Session
5:30PM – Dinner and Networking
7:00PM – General Session

8:30AM – General Session
9:30AM – Workshops
10:30AM – Networking Break
11:00AM – Workshops
12:15PM – General Session
2:00PM – Future Workers Post-conference Session